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“Since the airplane was first invented to fly, and then 'drop bombs' on others, what is more than evident today is the escalation of the destructive use of what has now become common place and another Agreed upon 'standard' that people have too live with Here! Were airplanes invented for Air Shows, or are the Air Shows part of the 'ploy' to get people to 'think' the Air Shows they are watching are only for Entertainment, and that the same jets & planes are not used to destroy defenseless women & children in other countries? When you are standing in America, as an example, and watching Air Shows and hearing the tremendous noise of the jets, do you ever wonder how many birds are dying from this? In America, the public has been 'marketed' with so many gimmicks, but in the other countries the US has Destroyed, most people are into just surviving their daily lives! How many people really 'see' behind the phony propaganda of the WarMonger Countries that 'setup' other countries to be taken over and Kontrolled? How far does all this funny stuff have to go before people Really WakeUp? War & Destruction of The ALLNatural Environment has become a 'common place' standard and even Entertainment! How many UNaware People will take the time to Free ThemSelves from this HUman Farming Slave Driven Planet this lifetime? YOU & Everyone makes the Choice! Do you really want to keep supporting what is Destroying This Planet Earth? YOU can Make Better Choices. ASK KELSEY LYNNE BROWN on FACEBOOK about HOW 'YOU' CAN JOIN US & WAKEUP ALL THE WAY!

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