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“YOU have come thru so many created 'ideas' and so you 'think' in the terms that all there can be is Creation. Cause & Effect Creation is a 'Place in Life' just like Your Planet Earth is a 'Place in Creation' with other RoundWorlds. For untold lifetimes, YOU have experienced the old invented 'ideas' of gods, saviors, masters & gurus, sacred writings & wisdom, enlightenment, spiritual unfoldment, worshiping & praying, nirvana, meditation, transcendental consciousness, god consciousness, self-realization, and so many, many more invented and created convictions, assumptions, beliefs and belief systems, as the list goes on and on. It no longer matters so much as to where all these 'ideas' have come from, as the past is an interesting 'reference' and has become a historical tradition, but moreso, what have these things that 'seem' to be something really become? YOU have the Personal Right and Free Will to Decide whatever you want, and as you do, it will be more than obvious to you, or maybe not, that YOU will keep Deciding to Stay Unaware of Your TruPotential in Cause & Effect Creation, and be the Effect of everything here for who knows how many more lifetimes to come! The Whole of Life, The TruReality LifeIS, is more than any 'idea' that you can create. Just like creating a document with your computer, the document is nothing more than what it is. You can print it out, you can show others, and you can get all kinds of Agreement... whatever! But it is just a document from a machine, as is your mind a very fine tuned machine vehicle that The RealU operates and creates ideas. YU, The RealU, Your RealAwarenisss, operates Five Bodies. Life is Not the 'ideas' you have been told and what you 'think' IT IS. IT 'IS' a lot better than whatever you can ever imagine, but YU Must go thru the process of Recognizing what IT Really IS! Until you do this, you will have already Agreed to staying unaware in Cause & Effect Creation for more unconscious lifetimes. The Whole of LifeIS Becoming MoreAware. WWE show YOU how to Get Your Own Answers and to Become SelfSufficient Now!

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