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EEKonKON (eckankar) Joan Klemp MindKontrol Korporation Lawsuit 2017



“WE are ALL Here to WakeUp from The Passing Dream of Cause & Effect Creation. YOU have to figure out how YOU will do this. WWE will Show YOU! YOU can listen to the 'pretty words' of the old blabbering political masters who own the Kontrolling Earthly Korporations (KEK) on Your Earth, or WakeUp with US and Free YourSelf Now! LifeIS The NUAdventure that 'IS' Always Now! The political, religious, spiritual whatevers, and their old doctrines & outdated words of wisdom, along with their self-absorbed masters & gurus are in the forgotten past in time & space and still lost somewhere in the Astral Realm. It is so that these 'things' are still around 'appearing' as something like traditional ghosts, that those who are still asleep to The TruReality LifeIS, THE ALLIS, keep chasing and 'thinking' they really do have something, when actually all they have is Old References. YOU need Dualistic Creation to Objectively See YourSelf with what YOU have created, and to eventually Recognize The TruReality LifeIS, beyond the invented gods and saviors of the Reptilian Alien TapLiners (RATS) and their Marketing Ploy on Your HUman Farming Planet Earth! The One World Order Rules Your Planet Earth with their 'Agreed' upon monetary system. The RATS created the Funny Munny and the unaware masses continue to chase it into their future lifetimes. The Deceptors have fooled most of the people on Your Earth to Agree to what they create for THEM (TapLining HUman Eating Martians). One of the many Kleaver Korporation Kontrollers (KKK) is Joan Klemp, owner of EEKonKON 'The BIG KON' and marketed as 'eckankar' with HER little blabbering self-absorbed puppet master, Harry Klump. Together, these two notorious Banksters collect printed money from their dumbed down membershrimps who worseship & praypay to HER and HER Kalaum God (LordGod) Grog. SHE has HER big stash in so many places, and SHE is Not Aware that ALL Life Seees what SHE is doing! SHE has so many more brutal unaware lifetimes to go into, after SHE is caught here (SHE is already caught by The Lords of Karma) with HER little master Harry, as they will also spend a lot of time in the Lower Astral Realm for eons. SHE can Take The Risk and WakeUp with US, but that would take a lot of RealCourage to face HERSELF! WWE are Here for Everyone, and even those who are The Most Wanted & Lost!

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