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· Experience,Recognition,DEMONSTRATION

“There are Three Basic Steps to consider to Free YourSelf from Cause & Effect Creation. The First Step 'IS' that YOU must go thru many lifetimes to gain enough Experiences to get to a certain point to where YOU definitely are wanting to SeeeMore than you ever have before, and more than just a 'standard' life on earth. Life Knows YOU! YOU 'think' you know something, but YOU really do Not! Life Knows ALL, and Not what YOU 'think' with the old ideas of gods and saviors and being saved from someone else. When YOU Decide you are ready for Step Two, and to Take The Risk and start to Recognize what you have experienced for many lifetimes and 'What IS Real Now' then you are on your way into The Greatest RealAdventure of Your Life! Step Two is to Recognize what you have come thru and to start to WakeUp to What LifeIS Now. This will be a Big WakeUp for YOU, and far moreso than just knowing about what is really taking place with the World Kontrolling Systems and the many people who sell their information as the ultimate knowledge on Your Planet Earth. There 'IS' so much more to Recognize with your personal life, the world around you, and Your RealAwarenisss in Your DreamVisions, as a start. Step One & Two are a preparation for Step Three, which is to StepUp and Become The Real RiskTaker and Demonstrate why YOU Decided to come here. If you can get thru Step One & Two, then you should be able to Seee why YOU are here and what to do next! The Three Basic Steps (and there are more) you have to go thru may take you years or even more lifetimes, as this depends upon YOU, and how YOU apply YourSelf to Being Real Now. The TruReality LifeIS, has Nothing to do with the Belief, Political, Religious or Spiritual Systems that have infected Your Planet Earth, and which are also creating most of the destruction and demise of The ALLNatural Environment Supporting ALL of US. If you are still 'thinking' in the terms of 'belief, faith, gods & saviors, then YOU are Not ready to BE Free from Creation. If YOU want to be emotionally Trapped & TapLined with what the Reptilian Alien TapLiners (RATS) have created here to keep YOU a slave for more lifetimes, then YOU will have to decide to get past Your Agreements with what holds you to Reincarnation & Karma and Your Unawareness or Stay Lost Here. There 'IS' Real UNUverses of RealFreedom beyond The Deceptive Matrix of Creation, but Only YOU can Decide to StepUp and StandReal and Demonstrate why you are here. Rebazar Tarzs & The Real UNUversal Guides Demonstrate what it takes to have RealFreedom Now. Religions and spiritual paths are 'passive' Physical/Astral 'ideas' that sound good with their chanting words of, HU, OM. AUM, Amen and others, but they are Not what YOU 'think' they are, as the RATS love to feast on and TapLine the unaware people who are members, followers, and who worship and pray to the invented gods of the RATS. YOU have been marketed with 'ideas' and pretty political words!

A Short Story for YOU... The Sun decided to come into Creation to gain the experiences IT needed to WakeUp and Recognize what IT came here for, and once the Sun eventually Recognized why IT came... IT could Seee that the Ultimate Reality IT could Demonstrate would be to Shine Upon ALL without any Restrictions from anything! YOU can do this too, as YOU, The RealU, are a FreeBeing of RealLight and Brighter than any Sun Shining! Are YOU sure YOU want to keep all those little and Big Restrictions that YOU cling to?

YOU have gained the experiences you have needed, and Now it is Your Choice to take the time to Recognize what you have come thru, along with what is really taking place on Your Planet Earth, and what WWE are presenting. Then, when YOU are ready to Learn to Free YourSelf... YOU can StepUp and StandReal and Support US and WWE will Support YU, The RealU, into The Real UNUverses. WWE will show YOU how to Recognize & Demonstrate what is needed for YOU to Accomplish YourSelf into a RealPosition of Becoming MoreAware & SelfSufficient with RealFreedom! Nothing with The Whole of LifeIS taken for granted, as YOU Must Earn Your Way Out of Cause & Effect Creation. YOU came here to WakeUp ALL The Way, but YOU have forgotten this, and you still have a chance to do so, or stay emotionally attached and TapLined to this world and into the next one when you leave here! YOU can continue to 'believe' whatever you like, but whatever YOU Decide has Nothing to do with The Real UNUverses and YOU Earning Your RealFreedom Now! Learn to 'Let Life Show YOU 'What IS Real Now!'

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