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“Part One 'IS' Experiences. This is where YOU have gained an almost endless amount of 'Experiences' from Your Past Lives and thru many Yuga Cycles to this very moment to NOW. YOU are in Cause & Effect Creation to first discover 'what is Not Real' and to eventually understand how Creative YOU can be, as this is the basic idea of YOU being in Creation. Part Two 'IS' Recognition. YOU Must Learn to 'Recognize' what you have experienced so far in Time & Space Creation, and Far MoreSo than what you have been indoctrinated with from the invented systems of politics, religion, spiritual 'this & that's' and the scientific 'whatevers' of today. This 'IS' a Huge Step to Accomplish and to Truly Recognize according to The TruReality LifeIS, THE ALLLISSS. If you are just getting the 'premeditated second hand distorted information' from the invented systems, then YOU will Not be able to Free YourSelf from Cause & Effect Creation, until YOU WakeUp ALL The Way with The Real UNUversal Guides of THE ALLLISSS. WWE show YU, The RealU, Your RealAwarenisss, how to Recognize 'What IS Real Now!' Step Three 'IS' Demonstration. This 'IS' the biggest and sometimes 'scary' part for most unaware people to complete. Most people like to 'talk & think & believe' about their ideas and things, but when it really comes down to Doing Something Real and What Makes Sense and has RealValue, they will usually back off with all their little excuses, so these people will Stay Lost in Creation with their invented gods and saviors, until they Decide Differently! A RealLife of Becoming SelfSufficient with RealFreedom in The Real UNUverses of THE ALLLISSS, can Only Become Possible when YOU Decide to Complete ALL Three Steps, plus a Lot More! WWE Show YOU how to Become MoreAware and Free YourSelf from Everything that Effects YOU with Your Agreed Upon Restrictions in Creation. WWE are The NUAdventure like no other! Right Now 'IS' Your Real Opportunity to WakeUp ALL The Way with US!

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