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· Young,Cause Effect

“It really is great to Be Young in a new body and Feeling Fine with whatever you can, but the moments go fast, and then faster and faster, until YOU are once again old and then older, until YOU will be forgetting you were ever here! Do YOU know how many lifetimes YOU have been thru the various Yuga Cycles in Time & Space, Cause & Effect Creation? Millions! And they have all gone as fast as 'snapping' your fingers! YOU only have so much time (which is already gone) to WakeUp and Recognize The TruReality LifeIS, THE ALLIS. YOU can continue to take your experience with Feeling Fine for granted and YOU will just grow old and more unaware. It is so, that you will collect a lot of good-sounding 'ideas & feelings' here, but in the end they will all be just memories that will Trap & TapLine YOU here for more unconscious lifetimes... YOUR CHOICE!

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