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“YU, The RealU, Your RealAwarenisss, 'IS' a FreeBeing of RealLight. This 'IS' what YU Already IS! YU are Already in The Real UNUverses of The TruReality, THE ALLLISSS, beyond Cause & Effect Creation, but YOU have not Recognized this yet! To Get to The Real UNUverses of RealFreedom, all YOU & YU have to do is Recognize 'What IS Real Now!' While YOU are still in Creation, it is always up to YOU to WakeUp & Free YourSelf, or Stay Restricted by the Marketing Ploy Agreements of The World Kontrollers. What I mean by this is... YOU have been taught to move from where you are to somewhere else, and this is the idea of Motion & Movement in Time & Space Creation. In the Physical Sense to you and what you have been taught, it is moving your Physical Body around. Then, there is Your Four Other Bodies you do not See. There is Astral Projection, Soul Traveling, Remote Viewing, as examples, and this is where you project the Astral Body out of sequence with the other bodies, or you project the Causal, Mental or Etheric Body in some way. These are Very Real Experiences in Cause & Effect Creation Only. Also, by 'projecting' the other Four Bodies, you are very likely to get TapLined and possessed by entities in the other realms, as they look for unsuspecting people to leave their bodies unaware. This is also the idea of Heaven & Earth and so many other things that occur in Creation, that you have been indoctrinated with as something very limited to learn from. It is better to Learn 'UP' UNUversal Positioning with Rebazar Tarzs & The Real UNUversal Guides, and YOU will have Real Protection & RealGuidance to avoid others who may want to harm you. The NUSound, The NU~U, will Protect You from the Astral TapLining RATS! The old Reptilian TapLining words of HU, OM, AUM, AMEN, and others, are part of the Reptilian Alien TapLiners (RATS) Regime of World Kontrollers. Reptilian Joan Klemp's Eckankar Korporation is an excellent example of the RATS Takeovers on Your Planet Earth Now! SHE with HER fake master Harry, holds HER MemberShrimps to the Lower Astral Realm for lifetimes. In time and space you are going from here to there, but actually, YOU are always Here & Now. Beyond, and actually Right Now where you are 'IS' The Real UNUverses, that you can learn to Recognize with Your RealAwareniss. YOU have Five Bodies that you occupy, and they are vehicles that you have gained experiences with to eventually Recognize The RealU. When YOU finally discover that this 'simulated' life you are in is only temporary, and that you have been here so many times before with the invented Kontrolling systems of worshiping religion, politics, praypaying spiritual paths, and scientific madness, you will start to look for something that Really Does Make Sense. YOU have chased the inventions and pretty words of The World Kontrollers for eons, and NOW... YOU have a Real Opportunity to WakeUp ALL The Way with US (UNUversal SuperBeings).

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