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HU-MAN FARMING NEWS by Dr. Gumburp – Meteorologist...

HU-MAN FARMING NEWS by Dr. Gumburp – Meteorologist...
"As I have always said... there is little difference between Meteors and the Political Government HU-Man Farming Kontrollers. They invented all the Kontrolling Systems on Planet Earth and so many other worlds in this galaxy and beyond. Most of the unaware public is so dumbed down that they 'think' this world is life Itself. This is a 'place in life' and Not Everything life is.

"Hello, I am Dr. Snoyd Gumburp, Expert Meteorologist and all-around Smart Guy! What you have been seeing and hearing in the News and what is told to the unaware on this planet is all rehearsed to keep YOU Agreeing to NOTHING that makes any sense at all! As long s YOU Keep Agreeing to what you always have, then Your Planet Earth will continue to become More Polluted & Poisoned until there is NOTHING LEFT! I suggest that YOU WakeUp and Decide to Do Something Wonderful for ALL!

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