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“Before coming into this life, I was with Rebazar & Paul on The RealSide. We basically planned what would be taking place with what we were going to present, and of course there has become a lot of 'variables' in the meantime. The Hard Core Physical Realm is The RealAdventure and what is needed for YOU, The RealU, to WakeUp Now, but if you do not, then you will grow old all over again! I understand how difficult it is to Seee Past what has been create here, but if YOU do not Take The Risk to SeeeMore and StandReal with The Whole of Life, then YOU have Trapped & TapLined YourSelf once again in The Designed Matrix of The World Kontrollers. I have always supported Rebazar Tarzs & The RealGuides, as they are Supporting Me. Rebazar is Not a master or guru, and is not associated in any way with, Joan (Reptilian) Klemp's TakeOver Eckankar Kontrolling Korporation. Joanee is a sneaky and crafty business woman using others to have HER 'place' on the earth according to HER! This Earth World is filled with unaware people who are creating the Demise of The ALLNatural Environment Supporting ALL of US. Rebazar & Paul StandReal with THE NUMAN~DUANEVA. Most of the unaware masses are 'living in their chosen past' and cannot Seee The NUNowniss of The TruReality LifeIS, THE ALLIS. Traditional Demise is a 'way of life' on earth!

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