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“Do YOU really 'think' Your Life Makes Sense? I am sure YOU like to 'think' so. 'Thinking' is fun, isn't it? But, is Your 'Thinking' getting you what YOU really want for yourself, because there 'IS' a lot more to YOU than you know? Let's have some fun and See! First off... YOU 'think' you are a body and mind with feelings... Right? By the very fact YOU 'think' so, YOU are growing old and YOU will soon forget you were ever here. Look at those who have come and gone before YOU... where are they Now? They were 'thinking' just what YOU are 'thinking' Now, and they are all gone! Are they Aware of where they are in the other realms and dimensions, or will they be returning unaware in future lifetimes to start all over again? Are YOU getting the 'hint' yet? Do YOU want to Stay Asleep or WakeUp with US? YOU like to get up each day and start your vehicle and pollute yourself and everyone else... does this really Make Sense? But, YOU keep 'thinking' it does, because almost everyone else is 'thinking' the same as YOU! YOU keep 'thinking' that just because everyone Agrees to what they like to 'think' that they are really going somewhere, as an example. Thinking has it's place, but it is not everything. Take a long look at this world in front of YOU, and when YOU are really ready to WakeUp ALL The Way... YOU will Seee that what has been created here and what YOU Agreeing to for the most part, is Destroying The ALLNatural Environment Supporting YOU & Everyone. YOU will someday Seee, that what YOU keep 'thinking' and Deciding does Not Make Sense! WakeUp and Get Real or Stay Lost with what YOU Keep Thinking and 'thinking' it Makes Sense! Have Fun Deciding!

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