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NUSessions 'IS' Non-Therapy



“This world has come to know such relationships as meditation, worshiping & praying, belief, hope, faith, tarot cards, psychics, medical doctors, voodoo doctors, shamans, soothsayers, reiki & taplining masters, and a host of others. These and other 'labels & ideas' are attached to ritualistically chanting hu, amen, om, aum, and other so-called therapeutic words or means, to try and resolve many people from what they have Agreed to and suffered from according to the invented systems of politics, religion, spiritual whatevers, and the stressful business world, plus so much more. These created 'things' are what has become known as Tradition, and where Traditional Ceremonies can annually occur, and to the point of Stealing Energies from a person, to Physical Sacrifice and unseen Astral TapLining. But from the one-dimensional 'surface view' what has become so Traditional is Not always Seeen from a RealVU from The RealU, Your RealAwareniss. Because most people are unaware of where they really are at on earth, and without The Complete TruKnowledge of Cause & Effect Creation, they are the Unknown Effect of Temporary Healings, and moreso being infected, TapLined & Kontrolled by unseen forces, such as the Reptilian Alien TapLiners (RATS) have been doing to the dumbed down masses for eons. Just like the 'modern medications' which are mainly synthetic, they do at times offer the 'appearance' of a relief or cure, but overall, they have been created to Subliminally Kontrol the Herded Kattle Masses to Agree to HUman Farming.

The NUSessions are Non-Therapeutic. The NUSession 'IS' a True Essential that does take some time to See, because it provides a RealPosition to Become MoreAware, to where YU, The RealU, can Seee Beyond all of Creation and what has always Effected YOU. The Five Bodies (Four Unseen) of each person are merely 'vehicles' for your personal experiences in Time & Space Creation, and then to eventually Recognize that there 'IS' more than just a 'place' of Creation with The Whole of Life. The Kontrolling Systems of politics, religion, spiritual ideas and so on, are for the sole purpose of keeping YOU Here and a 'subject' to those who desperately need and want Your Support for many more drudgerous lifetimes! YOU are always Deciding Your Life, and until YOU Learn to Seee Beyond Creation altogether, then YOU will always be the Effect of Everything Here, and even in your afterlife with the Designated Heavens of Man! YOU will be back, but YOU will Not Remember you were Here!

The NUSession... simply lie upon your bed or anywhere, and relax and let yourself be okay, as if you were lying on the sand at the beach on a sunny day. Sing NU~U~U~U... like this, and continue to do so for about 10 to 15 minutes, then let go and just relax. YOU are making The RealConnection with The Whole of Life, that 'IS' more than what exists in Creation. Like a college course, it is okay to give yourself time to Learn to Seee what is really taking place with Your RealAwareniss. The Next Step for YOU, would be to Watch Your Dreams for Confirmation, and to also Seee what is Effecting you. As YOU Become MoreAware, you will better understand Your RealAwareniss and how it supersedes your mind and emotions. Eventually, and this is a Big Step and Journey... YOU will someday Free YourSelf altogether from Cause & Effect Creation and StandReal with who YU, The RealU IS, a FreeBeing of RealLight in Real UNUverses of RealFreedom!

WWE as WorldWide Educators really do understand what people have put themselves thru and what they are still having to deal with on a daily basis. All the above mentioned are like helpful 'bandaids' and some times necessary accordingly. The NUSessions are Non-Therapeutic in that, The NUSessions provide a Real Opportunity for each person to Become MoreAware, Capable & SelfSufficient for ThemSelves. WWE have The RealCure for ALL, from the standpoint of Your RealAwareniss. The RealCure for ALL 'IS' nothing medical or medicinal and is not a prescription to anything. The RealCure for ALL 'IS' a Specific Recognition that not everyone will come to See. No doctor can cure or even treat everyone, and The RealCure for ALL is the same. YOU Must Decide to Become MoreAware... IT IS Always Your Choice!

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