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“OUR Real Intent 'IS” with THE ALLLISSS (NUDesign) & Rebazar Tarzs & The Real UNUversal Guides... THE ALLLISSS & THE REALGUIDES COME FIRST! I have Five Bodies like everyone else, and I do some of the 'funny things' people do, but My Real Intent 'IS' with The TruReality LifeIS, The Whole of Life, THE ALLLISSS. Eva & I, Demonstrate & Prove this Everyday as WWE are The Real RiskTakers & THE NUMAN DUANEVA. The unaware people on Your Planet Earth 'think' they are Aware & Awake, but they are Not! Just because they can walk around with their cell phones and work for the invented systems that are ruining The ALLNatural Environment Supporting ALL of US, they 'think' they are Awake & Aware. Until YOU WakeUp to Your RealAwareniss, The RealU, then YOU will be the Unconscious Effect of Everything YOU Decide from Your Personal Creation known as YOU! The Absolute Real Intent & RealFocus of THE ALLLISSS & The RealGuides IS Your RealAwareniss for YU, The RealU, to Become MoreAware & Free of ALL Causes & Effects. Until YOU, with Your Free Will, StepUp and Decide to StandReal with The Whole of Life, then YOU will stay Trapped & TapLined in Cause & Effect Creation, because YOU have Decided so! NO One is making Your Choices for YOU! There are NO Gods that created YOU, as YOU have been misled into the 'ideas' of hope, faith and belief, and other 'ideas' that have been marketed to YOU for untold lifetimes to keep YOU unaware and subservient to Your Planet Rulers! YOU Keep Agreeing to this on a conscious level, and mostly on an unseen and unconscious level. There are No Saviors that will come and rescue YOU from YourSelf, but There IS a NUWay Out of The Designed Matrix of HUman Farming on Your Planet Earth, and that is if... YOU will Pay Attention with what WWE as WorldWide Educators are Sharing with YOU Now! The political, religious and especially the 'spiritual' ideas, paths, teaching and whatevers, are heavily Kontrolled by the Reptilian Alien TapLiners (RATS) who actually promote all the 'goodee-goodmess' that has infected Everyone unconsciously! YOU are Trapped & TapLined in Your Dreams, which is Your Astral Body that Effects Your Physical Body, and YOU will end up with diseases & cancers for more lifetimes, until YOU WakeUp with US! Do YOU Want RealFreedom or just the 'lip-service' goodee-goodee-sounding 'implied freedoms' that YOU have heard for lifetimes from the Kontrolling invented systems? YOU do not remember YOU were here before, and if YOU do not WakeUp Now, then YOU will once again forget you were ever here, as YOU move into Your Next Unaware Lifetimes!

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