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Paul Twitchell-Eckankar


Paul Twitchell-Eckankar by DUANE THE GREAT WRITER...
“Paul Twitchell (PALL) was The Real UNUversal Guide when He was here and created his presentation of Eckankar for the unaware. Only those who Loooked to The RealSide LifeIS could Seee this, as there was a lot of controversy about Paul and what He wrote. From the moment He left, what He presented was Done! Of course, the corporation was still Here and the copywrites, as this was soon to be cleverly taken over by DarwinGross (and The Influence), who maneuvered their way with the Eckankar 'board of directors' to give him money to purchase what Paul had created, and by this very fact he was announced as the 'living eck master.' In the Hidden Background of all this was and is The Influence, also known as Kronee Joanee, Reptilian Worshiping KONtroller of the Kalaum God Grog, also known as The Lord God, and other invented 'godly' names. There really is No Such Thing as 'gods' as the unaware masses 'believe in' and pray to. The 'god' idea was created by the Original Invaders, the Reptilian Alien TapLiners (RATS) who created Sacrificial Religions and Hostilely Rule over This HUman Farming Planet for PeopleFood. I was there in those days with Paul & Rebazar (NUNow~REBISAR & PALL) and I was constantly shown what was taking place as Darwin and The Influence did their Secret TakeOver. After a while, Darwin started to do a lot of 'silly funny things' and got caught and Kronee Joanee did not like this, so SHE pushed him aside and seduced Harold Klemp into becoming HER next 'puppet living eek master' and SHE even got rid of his wife and SHE took her place! There has been Nothing Real with 'eckanKON' since PALL left here, as He was ALLNatural and SHE is infected GMO! EckanKON is HER 'big business deal' with the RATS who Rule! Other infected 'spiritual' teaching came after Paul left, such as MSIA, Way of Truth, Vardankar, Dhunami, and many others that promote the Kalaum God TapLining Noise of 'HU!' REBISAR & The Real UNUversal Guides & The TruReality LifeIS 'THE ALLLISSS', Do Not Back Others, only THE NUWAVIS ~ DuanEva as 'THE NUU'IS'MAN' and The NUPresentation Foundation. Joanee Kronee, SHE is a Reptilian TakeOver Master with the Kalaum God & HER Nightly Witches who prey on and torture unaware souls with Astral TapLining in their Dreams! HER MemberShrimps are so seduced that they 'think' worshiping & praying to Evil Kalaum (EK) will in some way save them. HER 'puppet master' Harry Klump says a lot of 'pretty words' on stage, but it is Joan Klemp (behind the scenes) who Owns, Writes & Markets Everything! READ NUBOOK 9, for 'THE REAL STORY' and ASK REBISAR & PALL on The RealSide LifeIS in Your DreamVisions! ASK KELSEY BROWN & THE NUKIDS on


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