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“YOU 'think' you know where you're at and what you are doing Here, but overall, YOU are really Planning for Your Dementia! The Medical Systems that have been created are more than willing to Help YOU into Your Dementia by providing treatments, therapy & drugs! They 'market' the public as a benefit, when actually they want to Take Kontrol of Your Life Now and for many more Future Lifetimes! Because YOU & Everyone has been raised, taught, conditioned and indoctrinated a certain way, from all of this and a lot more, YOU are Not Seeing what is coming up for YOU, because you really Do Not Want to See it YOU are the only one Planning Your Life! You are Planning Your Life and Future and you 'want' Your Life to be a certain way, but where will you really end up after all is said and done? Well of course, you want to 'think' the best for YourSelf, of course, and I am not saying not to, as this is Not the idea I am expressing here. What I am Sharing with YOU & Everyone is... YOU have been Here and other 'places' in this Physical Realm many times over, and if you continue to follow the same 'old routines' as you always have, then you will end up where you are Now, as you continue to get older and older once more, until you forget once again that you were ever Here! If you like the 'routines' you are still in, then continue to do just as you have and the end result will be that you will Forget that you were ever Here, and when you return Here, you will Not Remember that you were Here! So, if YOU are Not interested in Becoming MoreAware & SelfSufficient with US~UNUversal SuperBeings, then YOU will Stay Unaware and the Effect of Everything from YourSelf and Others for more ongoing unaware lifetimes! ASK KELSEY LYNNE BROWN on FACEBOOK for MORE DETAILS ABOUT HOW 'YOU' CAN JOIN US!

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