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“The 'idea' and reality of Power is in Creation only. The idea of those 'in' Power, as is with the governments, is that of Agreement. YOU keep Agreeing to the 'so-called' Power they 'seem' to have! With No Agreement... No Artificial Power! Their so-called 'Power' comes from the Agreement of others, those who unknowingly support the invented systems. Power actually means 'Control' and there are many types of Control, and the invented systems have created so many different 'marketing ploy' ideas to make people 'think' they are getting a benefit from the KONtrol over others, when actually they are not! Many times the KONtrol over others is by intimidation and force and even destruction! A Real Look at history reveals how the Monarchy of politics, & religion started and where it is today! Underlying the Power ideas is Fear! Fear is purposely used with Power to KONtrol the unaware masses and to get them in Agreement to the Agendas of those in KONtrol. For untold lifetimes, YOU have been KONtrolled by the invented systems and their kings & queens, masters & gurus. As long as YOU Keep Agreeing to what has been created Here, then you will continue to reincarnate for more unaware lifetimes of the same Abuse as Today! This Planet Earth is Dying, sad to say, because almost Everyone is Giving Their Unconscious Agreement to it being so! The Original Reptilian Alien TapLiners (RATS) have already destroyed The ALLNatural Environment on thousands of planets, just like this one! All the planets in our system here are the Effect of what the RATS have already done! As one example, when a person 'wants' Power, they are setting themselves up for RAT Astral TapLining in Their Dreams, which Effect the Physical body with Phobias & Cancers... VERY REAL!

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