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“The TruReality LifeIS 'IS' PURE & SINCERE! IT 'IS' a RealPurniss that cannot be fully considered with your mind or senses. Whatever you consider THE ALLIS to BE, 'IS' far moreso than can be defined or considered. So, What IS IT? First... YOU must discover 'What IT IS Not!' and then WakeUp and Seee a Real Comparison to 'What IS Real Now' to start to Seee Beyond your mind and personal senses. This 'IS' a Huge Challenge and very few will attempt it, but if YOU do not Take The Risk to Seee THE ALLIS, then YOU will stay lost in the Matrix of Creation, until YOU DO! Every Moment YOU are Here & Now 'IS' Your Choice, and YOU can only live with the Choices that YOU make! No one is making Your Choices! This is why the marketed ideas of 'belief, hope & faith' and the imaginary Gods of Man do not work and are invented fallacies. The Planet Earth and The ALLNatural Environment are Getting WORSE Everyday, because YOU and others keep Agreeing to what YOU Cannot Seee... Your Unconscious Agreements of TapLining Demise! YOU are TapLined and YOU do Not Seee this! LIFEIS an ISNIS ALREADY. IT 'IS” ITS own TruReality that must be Recognized with Your RealAwareniss, that which is operating Your Five Bodies in Cause & Effect Creation. The Whole of LifeIS PURITY, and not just chasing what the personal wants that leads to more unaware lifetimes. You Decide Your Fate. Nothing is Negated with what YOU want Your Life to be. RealFreedom 'IS' with Your RealAwareniss and Not with Your Personal Self. YOU created the Personal YOU, and YOU 'think' it is YOU. Fine, but if YOU do not WakeUp to The RealU, Your RealAwareniss, then YOU will just grow old and forget YOU were ever here once again! When YOU Truly Focus on Purity & Sincerity, YOU will soon begin to SeeeMore! Singing The NUSound, NU~U, will Open YOU to The RealConnection with The TruReality LifeIS, THE ALLIS.

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