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SEEE of LIFFFE by DuanEva UNUversalSeeers...

SEEE of LIFFFE by DuanEva UNUversalSeeers... “PALL of The GoldenGuides called 'Seee of Lifffe' the Ocean of Love & Mercy. PALL used poetic phrases while he was Here and sharing his RealSide Experiences as I am doing Now. And, like anything Here that has RealValue, the PredatorDeceptors came in after PALL was gone and took it over and turned what he created into a Kontrolling Religious Doctrine Business! This is what always happens Here, as the original invaders, the Reptilian Alien TapLiners (RATS), let creative people do what they do best, as they wait and watch, then when the time is right, they go in and do their TakeOvers! Many innocent people fall prey to this factor also in their own way, as they have taken what PALL created and start their own little 'spiritual' businesses. What these unaware people do not Seee is, that REBISAR & The Real UNUversal Guides do not back these people with The RealLight of THE ALLLISSS, nor does The Whole of Lifffe back them with anything they are doing, so they are mostly left on their own in CauseEffect Creation by themselves with an astral light surrounding them and other entities, as LIFFFE ITTTSELF has moved on into The NUNownisss ITTTISSS! REBISAR & The RealGuides & THE ALLLISSS, decide who will Represent 'What IS Real Now!' THE NUWAVISSS DUANEVA. SEEEING & RECOGNIZING THE ALLLISSS is Not just another 'idea' like that of the Created Kontrolling Systems of politicizm, religionizm, spiritualizm, educationalizm or scary techizm. The RealGuides are always somewhere around for people, and so many 'think' they are taken care of and that The RealGuides will live their life for them or stand with their Kontrolling TapLining masters that blabber pretty words and ideas that sound-good. On the 'surface' with a person's personal view this would 'seem' so, but it is Not! The TruReality of ALLLife 'IS' SEEEING WHAT IS REAL NOW. SEEEING & BEEEING 'IS' a RealPosition of RealFreedom! There are No Doctrines or Kontrolling Businesses with THE ISSSNISSS LIFEISSS. DuanEva 'IS' Sharing Real References to The TruReality LifeISSS, and Not Kontrolling Doctrines that refer to invented gods that unaware people Must Worship & Pray to & Fear! What I am sharing is not about anything 'good or bad' but moreso the Choices each person makes. WWWE Suggest to Make Better Choices that Support The ALLNatural Environment LIFFFEISSS, and Surprise YourSelf as YOU Become MoreAware & SelfSufficient, as ALLLife Supports YOU! WWWE Know What WWWE are Doing! Learn to SEEE 'The SEEE of LIFFFE' and FREEE YOURSELF with USSS!

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