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“YOU & Almost Everyone has been Cleverly Marketed with the Created Artificial World System (COWS) into becoming 'Self-Satisfied Slaves' with the 'sensations' of what you experience with the Five Bodies you manage. Of course, this is the first part of Your Process thru Creation, and that is to become familiar with what Creation is, and then to eventually figure out what it is Not! But, ThereIS a Much Bigger & Better RealLife that is possible for those who Become Real RiskTakers and Learn to SeeeBeyond all of CauseEffect Creation and StandReal with Real UNUversal Guides where there is No Reincarnation & Karma! Those who want to stay Self-Satisfied with their PersonalLife and the Effects of Everything Here have the right and Choice to do so, as they will continue to create their Unaware Future into more unconscious lifetimes of even Worse Conditions than exist Now on This Planet Earth. Most people have been KONvinced there are 'gods' in the sky somewhere with their 'saviors' and galactic aliens that will save the 'good' people Here, but this again is Cleaver Marketing from The World KONtrollers! YOU can 'believe' whatever you like, but it has nothing to do with The Whole of Life and RealFreedom in Real UNUversisss! WWWE~Wonderful WorldWide Educators are looking for RealPeople with RealCourage to StepUp and Become MoreAware and StandReal with US. Do YOU have The RealCourage to SeeeMore than ever before, or just Stay Self-Satisfied to deal with all the Effects of Creation that will continue for all the Unaware Here? ASK KELSEY LYNNE BROWN on FACEBOOK for MORE DETAILS ABOUT HOW 'YOU' CAN JOIN OUR NUTEAM!
DUANEVA Represents REBISAR & The Real UNUversal Guides with The RealConnection 'NU~U~U~U' and THE NUWAVIS THE ALLLISSS LIFEIS!
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“Do YOU really want to Keep 'WORKING' (Old Drudgery & SlaveDumb) for the same old 'invented systems' that Market YOU into 'thinking' you are really getting somewhere on a Purposely Poisoned & Polluted Planet that is Hurling Thru Black Space Kontrolled by Reptilian Alien TapLiners (RATS)? Are YOU Sure that you want to Keep Pretending that everything Here will be fine and that Your Agreements & Memberships will take care of YOU? Maybe, for a while, but there will come the day when YOU will Forget that you were ever Here! Will ancient wisdom & knowledge and the old lip-service masters & gurus that point YOU to the Reptilian Gods provide The RealCure for YOU like WWWE can? Are YOU Ready To Get Real with what is Really Happening Here with all of CauseEffect Creation that YOU 'think' is the ultimate? Until YOU & The RealU, Your RealAwarenisss, begin to somehow RecognISe The TruReality LifeIS, THE ALLLISSS, then YOU will Keep YourSelf in TimeSpace Creation for More UNaware Lifetimes of even Worse Conditions than what exists Now! Read The NUBooks & Sing 'NU~U~U~U' and Learn to Watch & Figure Out Your RealSide Experiences with REBISAR & The Real UNUversal Guides! Join US~UNUversal SuperBeings & Free YourSelf from the Marketing Ploys of those who have KONtrolled YOU for Lifetimes! ASK KELSEY LYNNE BROWN on FACEBOOK for MORE DETAILS ABOUT HOW 'YOU' CAN JOIN OUR NUTEAM!
“There are many Sincere People on This Planet Earth that want to make sure The ALLNatural Environment Supporting US is suitable for Everyone, and at the same time, there are many Humanitarian Projects with Sincere People with what they doing, but unless their creations are OverALL References with why they are Here and The TruReality LifeIS, then their 'SoundGood-LookGood' projects will only keep them and others Recycling on This Planet Earth for More UNConscious Lifetimes! Their Humanitarian Projects can be of the best intentions, as those who are doing what they consider a 'service or mission' in the name of their god or gods, which the god 'idea' is from the Original Invaders, the Reptilian Alien TapLiners (RATS) who Rule This Planet! The political, religious, spiritual, educational & scientific systems are Designed for One Purpose Only, and that is to Make Sure that Every Person Here Stays UNaware of their Real Awarenisss & TruPotential! It does 'seem' that 'blessings, wisdom & belief ' lead the way to something better, but Not So! This world is Getting Purposely Worse with the 'pretty words & ideas' that are Marketed to the unaware, Not Better! What Really Matters 'IS' Real Backing like Gold with Paper Money, and what I am presenting 'IS' Backed 1000% with REBISAR & PALL & The Real UNUversal Guides & The Whole of Life, THE ALLLISSS! The created systems on This Planet are backed by the Kalaum Reptilian God Grog and his RATS who Kontrol this world! Do YOU really want to WakeUp to what is taking place Here, or just keep 'pretending' everything will be okay? I creatively do whatever I can to utilize what already exists Here, as there is No Negating Anything, but instead, to creatively create Something Wonderful for ALL that References The TruReality LifeIS, THE ALLLISSS, so that each person Here has The Real Opportunity to Free ThemSelves Completely during this lifetime! I have Written The NUBooks, and I am also creating ALLHumanitarian Projects, so that Everyone can Learn to Become MoreAware & SelfSufficient with RealGuidance and a RealEducation, and this is what The ALLSolar Research Vessel Project 'IS' ALL About! WWWE~Wonderful WorldWide Educators have a RealPurpose with ALLLife, moreso than just a 'career' with the 'agendas' of The World Kontrollers! I 'IS' Backed by The RealGuides to Do Something Wonderful for ALL! ASK KELSEY LYNNE BROWN on FACEBOOK for MORE DETAILS ABOUT HOW 'YOU' CAN JOIN US!
“Because of all the Marketing Ploy that has been produced by The World KONtrollers, the unaware masses are More Than Satisfied with their 'implied' Restricting 'ideas' of some sort of freedom on This HUman Farming Planet. It has become more than obvious and a 'standard' that Rules, Regulations, Officialness, Purposely Planned Poisoning & Pollution, and the Destruction of The ALLNatural Environment are 'OK' with most of the MindKontrolled Microwaved Public! Most people are Not Seeing their Future Here! Everything in Creation is Cause & Effect and there is no getting around it, except when you Become MoreAware with 'NU~U~U~U' and Learn to Free YourSelf from ALL the Effects of TimeSpace Creation! Old political, religious and spiritual wisdom & knowledge & beliefs will not free anyone from This Place in Life! Creation is Not Life, it is a 'simulator & process' you are going thru to eventually WakeUp to The TruReality LifeIS, THE ALLLISSS. RealFreedom Must be RecognISed for 'What IT IS' and also What IT IS Not! Like the Sun Shining, The TruReality LifeIS 'IS' Pure & Clear and there are No Restrictions, as with what is taking place Here and the Heavens of Man, that are KONtrolled by the invented gods! The unaware masses Keep Agreeing to be Subordinate to Authoritarians & KONquerors (the fake gods) and so those that do will stay Here for more unaware lifetimes, until they have The RealCourage to StepUp and Earn Their Way into Real UNUversisss of RealFreedom! ThereIS RealGuidance for YOU... But YOU Must Be The Real RiskTaker to Seee IT! ASK KELSEY LYNNE BROWN on FACEBOOK for MORE DETAILS ABOUT HOW 'YOU' CAN JOIN US!
“Let's say, for this example, you were in another country and you wanted to escape to a better place or another country. And for you to successfully escape, you had to cross a Dangerous River to get to The OtherSide. So far, you have made your way thru all kinds of Difficult & Hazardous Situations to finally come to the Dangerous River that you NEED to Cross to Be Free of where you are! As you are standing at the River's Edge in rather an Emotional Panic and looking all around to see if anyone is after you, you are also looking at the Raging River in front of YOU! Then, as you look up and across the Dangerous River, you See the people with their vehicle standing by and waving at YOU! YOU, then again Look at the Frightening River to Cross and YOU are Trying to Decide to jump in or not to get to The OtherSide! YOU Want to Be Free, but at the same time, the Danger that YOU are Facing 'seems' to be Too Overwhelming! The people on the other side of the Raging River are waving and yelling... “Everything will be Okay, YOU will Be Fine once YOU are Here with US... Jump in and get across the River to US!” YOU know these people and YOU Trust what they are telling you, but at the same time, Your Fear is Greater than Your Trust, because of what YOU are Seeing! HERE 'IS' THE IDEA... YOU Represent the 'River' which is Your PersonalSelf, and NO ONE can make Your Decisions for YOU! The old idea that a 'god' or a 'master' will take care of everything is a fallacy, as Life ITSELF cannot Decide for YOU to Take The Risk! Besides, there are NO GODS anywhere, as the 'god' idea is nothing more than Marketing Ploy to get YOU to Stay as a Slave on Earth Forever! REBISAR & The RealGuides Provide The RealGuidance and RealEducation that is needed, and YOU Must Decide Every Step YOU Will Take! This is how it is when YOU want to WakeUp ALL The Way with REBISAR & The Real UNUversal Guides with The TruReality LifeIS, THE ALLLISSS! YOU MUST BE THE REAL RISKTAKER or YOU will Stay Lost in Creation for More Ongoing Unaware Lifetimes! TAKE THE RISK & SING 'NU~U~U~U' and Let REBISAR & PALL Show YU, The RealU, 'What IS Real Now!
“What has come to be known as 'tradition' has become infected with Manipulation & Deception from The World KONtrollers. Tradition can be a 'reference' to something that a person has experienced, but Never become The ALLLAlivenisss TruReality LifeIS. This unaware world has been KONditioned to 'believe' that Literal Knowledge is the 'ultimate' with The Whole of Life, and it is NOT, and is Far From IT! The religious, political, spiritual, educational and scientific agencies & systems are mainly KONtrolled by Reptilian Alien TapLinerS (RATS) Deceptors! So, the old ancient ways of experience do have their place, such as astral projection, soul travel, quantum leaping, remote viewing, old noises of 'HU, AUM, AMEN' and so on, but None of these compare to 'UP~UNUversal Positioning' because 'they' are in TimeSpace-CauseEffect Creation, and 'they' are very limited to the Restrictions & TapLines of outside influences! 'UP~IS' The RealConnection with The TruReality LifeIS, THE ALLLISSS with The NUSound 'NU~U~U~U' & REBISAR & PALL & THE NUUUMAN, DUANEVA. THE ISSSNISSS LIFEIS, is Not in Time or Space, nor is there Cause or Effect with Singing 'NU~U~U~U!' For the Personal Literal Senses of the MindEmotions, which entail each of the Five Bodies of a person, those who only refer to their Mind & Emotions as their only reality, have in fact placed themselves in Dimensional Dilemmas, Self-Designed Matrixes & Restricting Realms with the GovernorGods of the physical, astral, causal and mental worlds! UP~UNUversal Positioning 'IS' Unique & Real! IT IS a TruReality without any Effects. From the Limited Five Bodies each person has, everyone Now has a Real Opportunity to Surpass all the old outdated ancient encumbering traditions into The NUNownisss LifeIS! Operating Your Five Bodies is The RealU, Your RealAwarenisss that can Learn to RecognISe & Seee into The Real UNUversisss of RealFreedom! ASK KELSEY LYNNE BROWN on FACEBOOK for MORE DETAILS ABOUT HOW 'YOU' CAN JOIN US!
“Very few really knew The Real Paul Twitchell. Paul used the 'master' idea, the 'god' idea, the 'soul' idea, the 'spiritual' idea, and others, as examples for what He was presenting for the time He was Here. PALL 'IS' on The RealSide with REBISAR & The Real UNUversal Guides. When you read the books written by PALL, it is best to sidestep the old ideas and labels of EK, Eck, Eckankar (Korporation TakeOver by Reptilian Joan Klemp) and soul, god, spiritual, unfoldment, initiations, and so on. Plus the 'HU Noise' attracts Reptilian Alien TapLiners (RATS) to Your Astral Emotional Body, then causes diseases, cancers and demise! What PALL did Here was for those times, as He & REBISAR are with DuanEva THE NUWAVISSS. The Business Korporation of Joanee & master Harry, along with the unaware MemberShrimps, are in their own CyberSpace Dimension they cannot See, because Joanee has made sure that the Paying Members, pray, worship and kneel to the Kalaum God Grog. The Real PALL is on The RealSide LifeIS and Sharing 'NU~U~U~U' as The RealConnection with The TruReality LifeIS, THE ALLLISSS. The NUPresentation 'IS' The Direct Representative (DR) for ALL of Creation Now! For those who have The RealCourage to StepUp and Seee 'What IS Real Now' then contact PALL & REBISAR, starting with Your DreamVisions as the Personal YOU sleeps. With all the people PALL shared with, very few 'caught on' to what He presented. LifeIS AlwaysNU & NowHere and never in any past dimension! ASK KELSEY LYNNE BROWN on FACEBOOK for MORE DETAILS ABOUT HOW 'YOU' CAN JOIN US!
“For the most part, This World Cannot See itself, because the overall Created Consciousness is too One-Dimensional, even though many people 'think' they know better. Yes, there is Five Basic Realms in Creation, but how many can Seee Beyond Creation into The Real UNUversisss of RealFreedom? For most, nothing exists more than their emotional 'beliefs' and what they have been KONditioned, KONvinced & indoctrinated with. In TimeSpace CauseEffect Creation, the unaware masses have been taught to become 'know-it-alls' to 'think' they know more than LIFE ITSELF. YOU & Everyone is on a Big Rock hurling through Black Space to where? Have YOU considered this yet? Are YOU Preparing YourSelf for What's Next? Most people are Not, because they are too busy with what the KONtrolling Systems have invented for YOU & Everyone... HUman Farming! Past, Present & Future are the One-Dimensional Bubbles that many Agree to, and by doing so, you keep YourSelf in CauseEffect Creation for more unaware lifetimes! YOU Always Decide Your Life, or you let Others Decide for YOU! WWWE~Wonderful WorldWide Educators are looking for Real RiskTakers who want to surpass all the Restrictions they have come to know, and then Learn to StandReal & Become MoreAware with Real UNUversal Guides in Real UNUversisss of RealFreedom! WWWE are The NUNownisss with ALLL of Life! ASK KELSEY LYNNE BROWN on FACEBOOK for MORE DETAILS ABOUT HOW 'YOU' CAN JOIN US!

2001~NUMAN~2007~Part Two by DUANE THE GREAT WRITER...
“ThereIS no actual Time associated with what I am presenting, as what is referred to Here 'IS' a TruActuality with THE ALLLISSS, and not just another 'one-dimensional consideration' that is seen and considered according to PersonalViews. LifeIS Not what 'YOU think' it is... ITTTISSS So Much More and a Lot Better! THE ISSSNISSS IS ENDLISSS. NowIS The NUNownisss that AlwaysIS, that I am referring to and Must Be RecognISed for 'What ITTT ISSS' and not for what it is Not. The NUNownisss of THE ALLLISSS, is Not a created 'idea' as is what is taking place with the Kontrolling Systems in Dimensional TimeSpace. Even the so-called 'time travelers' do not Seee THE ISSSNISSS LIFEIS, as they are only 'assumably moving' through time, when actually they are Not. They are actually entering other dimensions of the same order as this one. REBISAR & The Real UNUversal Guides StandReal with those who have The RealCourage to RecognISe more than just their Social Behavior and bow and kneel to it. Anyone can be conditioned, indoctrinated, trained, intimidated, harassed, embarrassed, and forced to do anything, but The Real RiskTaker Seees Beyond all the Fallacies of the invented systems on This One-Dimensional Planet Earth. WWWE~Wonderful WorldWide Educators are Here for ALL, yet WWWE do not support what does not Make Sense to where Most Unaware People Here are Agreeing to their own Demise, yet wanting something better, but still adamantly Agreeing to those who Kontrol This World and many others like it! WWWE do not suggest any kind of rebellion, instead WWWE Recommend Becoming MoreAware & Real! The NUPresentation was being prepared long before this planet was Here. Each and every unaware soul that has been here has gone thru their 'process' to have The Real Opportunity to WakeUp with US, NowHere. YOU Decide Your Life and no one else does, unless YOU allow them to do so! THE NUMANIS a TruReality with The RealSide LifeIS and Must Be RecognISed. Everything in Life 'IS' Realistically a 'Step at a Time' and each one of us must go thru this process to eventually SeeeMore than ever before with RealGuidance and a RealEducation that WWWE provide. Past, Present & Future are 'other dimensions' that have been created and Agreed to like the 'thought forms' that YOU keep creating that Keep YOU & Everyone in their own Restricting Matrixxx of hope, belief & faith and so much more that YOU have become Self-CONvinced by. It is always Your Choice to Seee & Beee More! ASK KELSEY LYNNE BROWN on FACEBOOK for MORE DETAILS ABOUT HOW 'YOU' CAN JOIN US!
“As the Year 2001 was coming into VUUU... I had been with PALL (Paul Twitchell ~ UNUversal Guide) in 1970, and I was the 'Child' he referred to who would be coming in the FuturVU for THE ISSS. I was to stay with Joan Klemp's EEKonKON TakeOver Korporation (Darwin & master Harry) as a RealSpy, until I was ready to step into what PALL referred to at that time as 'The Rod of Power!' I was shown on The RealSide what would come to be as I Decided... “I saw MySelf inside a Very High Building that was all glass and towered above the entire city. I was in My RealAwarenisss as a VUPoint and moving towards the Glass Building. I could Seee a YoungMan (MySelf) sitting at a desk and gazing out the glass window as he was writing and looking at the Brilliant Sun Shining! I had a strong impression that He 'IS' Paul Newman (PALL & NUMAN) and 'IS' The Greatest Architect Ever! Then came, August 3, 2001, right before 911, I stood in The RealRod of Power (that Darwin & Harry never knew or had). This was to be the First Part of a Lot More that I would create as The NUPresentation Foundation for ALLL. I was shown The NUSound, 'NU~U' (HU Noise was now TapLine infected by HER) because Reptilian Kronee Joanee had did HER TakeOver with what Paul created after He left this Physical Realm. This is 'an adventure like no other' for those who can keep up with US~UNUversal SuperBeings of THE ALLLISSS. It took me years to adjust to The RealPosition, and in August 3, 2007, I was ready to present THE NUWAVISSS, into ALL of Creation. There is No More 'Power Rod' as this is ancient outdated history! REBISAR & PALL & The Real UNUversal Guides prepared Me for what I am Presenting to YOU Now! As You take part and Read The NUBooks and The TruCourses & SING 'NU~U~U~U' and Watch The RealSide (Your DreamVisions) as a start, YU, The RealU, Your RealAwarenisss, will Become MoreAware of The Whole of Life & The TruReality LifeIS, THE ALLLISSSS and into Real UNUversisss of RealFreedom! ASK KELSEY LYNNE BROWN on FACEBOOK for MORE DETAILS ABOUT HOW 'YOU' CAN JOIN US!
”You and Everyone Here already knows what it is like Living Here. This Earth World is a constant Struggle to Survive, especially Now, when Everything is Purposely Polluted & Poisoned and Getting Worse Every Moment! The Political & Religious Regimes have done an excellent Marketing Ploy convincing people to stay 'one-dimensional' according to The Created World and that Destroying The ALLNatural Environment and being MindKontrolled with Microwaves is a 'good thing!' I Seee The RealSide and try to let unaware people know what will be the outcome of what they keep deciding and to WakeUp Now! Most unaware and uninterested people are Not Awake to this yet, as many asleep people 'think' that this Dastardly HUman Farming Planet is some kind of 'LA LA Land!' The unaware masses have also been KONditioned, indoctrinated & bred to 'believe' they will be saved by Saviors or their invented Gods from the Reptilian Alien TapLiners (RATS) who were the Original Invaders Here. Pretending This World will get better will not make it happen. An 'TruActuality' must take place moreso than just 'wanting' something to happen as in the case of believing, hoping and having faith. With these 'ideas' being around and constantly used to motivate people to keep using the same old ideas has only made this world Worse! Take a look around... is it better? Yes, there are many 'good' people Here, but they Kepp Agreeing to the Agendas of their Kontrollers! A Huge Understanding, Far MoreSo than what the KONditioned KONtrolling Systems are doing must be Activated and Seeen. There is a Created Collective Consciousness Here that lends itself in favor of those who Kontrol This Planet Earth. What I am Sharing 'IS' Something Wonderful that 'IS' a TruUnderstanding that can provide 'The RealCure for ALL' once properly understood. YOU & Everyone can keep living as you have and watch as this 'Place in Life' gets Worse, or WakeUp with US~UNUversal SuperBeings and Become MoreAware and Learn to RecognISe YourSelf as a FreeBeing of RealLight Now! THE ISSSNISSS LIFEIS will Support YOU, when YOU learn to Support ITTT! The TruReality LifeIS 'IS' PURITY TO SEEE ALLL. ASK KELSEY LYNNE BROWN on FACEBOOK for MORE DETAILS ABOUT HOW 'YOU' CAN JOIN US!
“What is 'Labeling?' it is usually 'something' referring to the Business World. This is not 'good or bad' as it is Choice. Of course, as a Reference, what Labeling provides is to in some way 'identify' what the Label means. Walmart, GMO, Disney, Monsanto, McDonalds, Indy 500, Greenpeace, US Government, and so on are some of the many Labels that are seen Here. This Business World is a 'marketing' Paradise for so many unaware people! Did the Natural People who were Here before the TakeOver European Settlers do Marketing Ploy to Fool Others? Just like in 'The Matrix' Movie, there is Always Something 'behind the scenes' that is Not Seen on the surface or the 'Front' that most businesses create! WWWE~Wonderful WorldWide Educators Show YOU how to 'Look Behind The Scenes' to Seee what is Really Going on! But then again, many people Do Not want to 'see' what is really taking place Here and would rather 'pretend' that everything is as it is 'marketed' to be. This is a Choice each person has, and the End Result will be the experience of the Choices each person makes, no matter what they 'think' or want it to be! ThereIS a TruReality to RecognISe that is Not Deceptive, Distorted, Restricting or that promotes Fear & Drudgery as do the invented systems on This Planet Earth. When YOU are Ready to BE The Real RiskTaker, then WWWE will Show YOU how to Free Yourself from Your Own Matrixxx! WWWE are The RealAdventure LifeIS Like No Other! ASK KELSEY LYNNE BROWN on FACEBOOK for MORE DETAILS ABOUT HOW 'YOU' CAN JOIN US!

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