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“WE are ALL in THE ISNIS LIFEIS. YOU may 'think' you know where you are, but with your mind, body and senses, you are only 'thinking' you know. There 'IS' a Huge Difference between Cause & Effect Creation and THE ISNIS LIFEIS, which 'IS' The Real UNUverses beyond the Gods of Man and Creation. Until YOU Learn to Recognize THE ISNIS LIFEIS, then you will Stay Stuck, Trapped & TapLined in Creation. YOU can 'think' and create whatever you want here, but you will just keep going thru the same old process (lifetimes) you always have of being Self-Convinced about what you know here and that is all! What I am presenting as Duane The Great Writer, DUANEIS THE NUMAN NOW & The NUPresentation, is Not About ME. I am The Real RiskTaker on My RealAdventure with Rebazar Tarzs & The Real UNUversal Guides, who asked Me to create The NUNowniss of THE ALLIS. Until YOU WakeUp from Your Personal 'LA LA Land Life' here and Get Past the Little Personal Self, then you will stay TapLined & Trapped, because of Your Choices in Cause & Effect Creation. Until YOU StepUp and Sincerely Support US with Proving YourSelf & Earning Your Way, WWE The RealGuides, then WWE cannot Support You, and so YOU are on your own and YOU will continue to be the Unconscious Effect of yourself here. The Personal Self, the Physical Body, which exists in Black Space, or what is known as 'Level One' is nothing more than a 'Created Vehicle' for The RealU to have experiences here, and then to eventually WakeUp and Start Your NUJourney into The Real UNUverses beyond Time & Space Karmic Creation! Some of the unaware people who do not Look to The RealSide and Ask Rebazar & The RealGuides about THE NUMAN, as I suggest all the time, keep 'assuming & thinking' I am a little self-proclaimed master or guru, like old Harry Klump of the Joan (Reptilian) Klemp Eckankar 2017 Lawsuit Takeover Korporation. AGAIN... What I am doing here is Not About ME, but The Real Opportunity I am presenting to Recognize The TruReality, THE ALLIS, and Free YourSelf from The Deceptors in Creation! IT IS Always Your Choice!

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