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THE NUDoctors


“DUANEIS THE NUMANIS THE REALEDUCATOR NOW! Rebazar Tarzs, Gopal Das, Paul Twitchell, Yauble Sacabe, Lai Tsi, Towart Managi, and many others like these RealEducators, have 'played their roles' with so many different situations in the past, so as to assist those who are looking for a RealLife beyond the limitations of the presently known situations with Cause & Effect Creation (old term from Kontrolling Korporation masters... KARMA). It is rather out of the 'ordinary' and a little confusing what I am presenting, until YOU Learn to Look to The RealSide LifeIS & SeeeMore than just what is in front of you with your physical eyes. Everyone has a 'thinking' mind, emotions, memory, imagination and intuition, and these faculties are Not Seeen with the physical eyes, but it is widely Agreed upon that what we each experience here does already exist. The invented systems of politics, religion, spiritual whatevers, indoctrinated public education and scary scientific inventions are created 'ideas' that most one-dimensional people have come to know. There are those who have tried to 'claim' these RealEducators for themselves as part of their 'business plans' to deceive others, and even to the point of 'thinking' and marketing them as, spiritual masters, deliverers, gurus, saints, gods, and whatever many unaware people have decided as their Kontrolling Korporate Business on Your Planet Earth. It Really 'IS' Okay to ASK Rebazar, Paul and the other RealEducators, who they really are Right Now! We have all come thru many experiences with this life and the ones that have led up to this one, which most people do not remember. There 'IS' UNUversal UNUversities spread across Your Planet Earth, and YOU can Learn to 'Seee Where' they are when YU, The RealU, Your RealAwareniss, has The TruVision to SEEE. It is so that, Rebazar, Paul and the others, are RealEducators with DUANEIS THE NUMAN NOW (DUANE THE GREAT WRITER / Duane Heppner in body form). They are also The NUDoctors & The NUProfessors with The UNUversal UNUversities, as they show people how to overcome their Agreed Upon Restrictions, and the clinical term we use on Your Planet Earth is, 'RAGS' (Restrictive Agreeable Gagging Scenarios). The UNUversal UNUversities are Extremely Special Places (ESP) with Extra SuperSensory Perception facilities for a RealEducation to Become MoreAware and to Have Fun Learning how to SuperSeee the Unconscious Effects that have plagued people throughout history up to this present day. As The Great NUDoctors & NUProfessors, the non-clinical / non-medical RealEducators are here to assist those who want to Become SelfSufficient & Real with The ALLNatural Environment Supporting ALL of US.

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