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THE NUDOCTORS are REAL (non-medical)


“Imagine for a moment... YOU are in Your Dreams and you are having a very strange and scary experience. Reptilian Aliens are coming after YOU, as you are running for your life to escape THEM (TapLining HUman Eating Martians). Guess what... YOU are Not Dreaming! On Your Planet Earth... YOU are in 'The Passing Dream' and when YOU are so-called 'Dreaming' at night... YOU are in Your Astral Body and being Effected by all kinds of influences that YOU are unconsciously Agreeing to. YOU are in The Designed Matrix of The Gods of Man and The Deceptive World Kontrollers, and they want every part of YOU! YOU are being Astrally TapLined to where you will have diseases and cancers that the earthly bought-off medical doctors know nothing about. Do YOU want to stay the unaware Effect of Everything around YOU? There 'IS' so much more to YOU than you will ever imagine or can even consider with Your Indoctrinated One-Dimensional Social Consciousness Mind. YOU are Trapped and being TapLined and Brainwash Microwaved by the Old World Kontrollers, the Reptilian Alien TapLiners (RATS) and they want to keep you an Agreeing Subordinate Slave (ASS) for many more unaware lifetimes with THEM. WWE are Wonderful WorldWide Educators and WWE are with The NUDoctors, who are The Real UNUversal Guides, and they will take care of the RATS in Your Five Bodies when YOU Decide to StepUp and Sing The NU~U. What The NUDoctors perform will not happen overnight, and so, YOU Must Prove YourSelf and Earn Your Way with Rebazar Tarzs & THE NUMAN DUANEVA. WWE 'IS' The NUWay Out of Cause & Effect Creation. There 'IS' Real UNUverses of RealFreedom beyond the invented gods of the unaware 'thinking' people on Your Planet Earth, but YOU Must BE The Real RiskTaker to Seee what YOU never have before! Are YOU Ready for The Biggest NUJourney & RealAdventure of Your Life, or do YOU want to just grow old and outdated here and tired once again on Your Boring Planet Earth? WWE have many RealSide Experiences from Our Skype Groups with people who have been relieved of their Alien influences by The NUDoctors, who perform what no saint or savior or healer can! Take The Risk with US & Free YourSelf!

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