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“The old 'idea' that a god created You, and that You are to bow down, kneel and WorseShip & PrayPay to invented 'god' ideas, has always been a Cleverly Created Marketing Ploy by the original invaders on this planet, the Reptilian Alien TapLiners (RATS). YOU can do and decide whatever you want to in Cause & Effect Creation, but what YOU have become 'convinced' with has Nothing to do with The Whole of Life, The TruReality LifeIS, THE ALLIS. The Real UNUversal Guides StandReal with THE ALLIS & THE NUMAN~DUANEVA. The RealGuides are Not 'masters' and they do Not Recognize, 'Joan Klemp's Kontrolling Eckankar Korporation (KEK)' and HER puppet master, Scarry Harry Klump. The unaware masses have been KONditioned and In'Doctored'nated into 'thinking' they were created by Mysterious Outer Space Entities (gods) from somewhere beyond the atmosphere of the Planet Earth. Beyond the earth is nothing but other 'floating rocks' and a solid blackness. It is so that there are many other 'levels' in Creation that are Not Seen with the physical eyes, and the 'gods' that are always refereed to are GovernorLords & Conquerors on the Astral & Mental Realms. The Kalaum God, Reptilian Grog, is the Three Headed God, who 'supposedly' is the almighty whatever, and will get to YOU if you do not obey the created 'ideas' on earth that the Authoritarians have cleverly devised and invented to keep you here as their slave and TapLined with! If this sounds like a 'good plan' to you, then have fun with what YOU decide.

The Real UNUversal Guides are 'NOT' at Your 'beckon call' like the Gods of Man supposedly are, which they really are Not, but it does 'sound good' that they (the gods) just might be so. The RealGuides are Not Slaves to the 'whims' of the Personal YOU, that YOU created. The RealGuides are Not Saviors to Save YOU from YourSelf. Only according to how YOU StepUp & WakeUp, will The RealGuides provide their RealGuidance, and even then, YOU have to Earn Your Way Very Realistically. The RealGuides Seee the Real Intent of a person to where the person Cannot Seee Themselves. YOU have been thru lifetimes of 'thinking' that there are gods who are taking care of you. It is so there are people who do care, and there are Angels in the Astral & Mental Realms that rather nurture people with their 'believing this & that', but even they Cannot Live Your Life and Make Your Choices for YOU! To have RealFreedom in The Real UNUverses is a Huge Accomplishment and YOU must Realistically Pay Attention and Be Motivated to Succeed! The Whole of LifeIS ALL about Waking Up to Your RealAwareniss & Becoming MoreAware & Standing Real with THE ALLISNIS LIFEIS. YOU, with Your Personal Will, will always have to deal with YourSelf, until YOU have The RealCourage to Face YourSelf and everything YOU have created. The days of masters and gurus are gone, but they are still always here and kind of half-alive for those who want to be 'followers, worseshipers & members' and TapLined and Stay Lost in Cause & Effect Creation for More Unaware Lifetimes! Pretty Words from old masters and politicians will not get YOU one foot of the ground from returning here unaware!

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