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“There will always be those who want to Kontrol others on Your Planet Earth. YOU have been here so many times before and YOU are still doing what you have always done, unless YU, The RealU, decides to WakeUp Now from this Passing Dream that YOU are in. The Temple Builders are part of The World Order Kontrollers who keep people unaware and Trapped & TapLined and get their paying supporters to build their temples. The Deceptive Orators (old masters with pretty words owned by deceptive wives) always get their dumbed down worshipers to pay for what they have decided, and to Kontrol their members with. They make their unaware foollowers 'believe' there are gods in outer space somewhere that need temples on the earth for THEM. This is a Planned Business World to attract people to be Little Kontrollers with the Big Kontrollers. This is the 'idea' of higher fake computer initiations in Kontrolling Korporations, so certain people have have their own 'power' to manipulate others. It all 'looks' so good doesn't it... something to worship and praypay to... YOUR CHOICE!

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