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“What has always been taking place on Your Planet Earth is by Your Choice! There is no war without YOU deciding it! YOU are being unconsciously Kontrolled to Agree to all the unnecessary Demise and what is Destroying The ALLNatural Environment Supporting YOU! YOU 'think' you are a free thinker, but you are Not and YOU are far from it! Your Free Will is what YOU are Not fully aware of and how YOU are helping to infect Your Planet and Everyone on it! When you learn to WakeUp from this 'Passing Dream' you are in, YOU will SeeeMore than you ever have, but YOU Must BE The Real RiskTaker to do so! As long as YOU keep thinking you know more than Life Itself, then you will constantly have to deal with all the Effects YOU have created, as YOU are setting yourself into more future lifetimes of even worse embodiments! WWE are Wonderful WorldWide Educators and WWE know The NUWay Out of Cause & Effect Creation. StepUp and Take The Risk and Sing The NU~U and Become MoreAware with US!

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