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WARNING about EmotionKON (EK) masters



“There are many EmotionKON (EK / Evil Karma) masters & gurus lurking about Your Planet Earth. From your one-dimensional personal view, they look authentic and even humble from all of the secondary knowledge they have studied and memorized from their old ancient outdated teachers of blabber. They utter pretty words that tantalize the emotions of the unaware, as do cleaver and crafty politicians and religious rascals. Because most people are very attached to their Astral / Emotional Body, they easily cling to the seduction of mere 'lovely' words from someone who is self-elevated by a 'front' they have created to lure the unsuspecting WiFi nummies of this world. They always use the created ideas of the Reptilian Alien TapLiners (RATS) and their invented gods and saviors to Emotionally Trap a person into subconscious submission & Agreement to their Documented Earthly Astral Deception (DEAD). Most of the unaware masses who are mumbers, foollowers, bullievers, worseshipers and knuckleheads, usually do not look to The RealSide LifeIS with their RealAwareniss to Seee what Life will show them about the foolishness and marketing ploy of (EK) Evil Karma masters. The unaware buy into the 'love' ideas, which are Astral Body Relationships that lead to all kinds of influential TapLining and eventually diseases and cancers. Most people do not understand Cause & Effect Creation, and so they open their Auras to the Earthly Kontrollers (EK). It really does take a lot of research and RealExperiences from The RealSide LifeIS with Rebazar Tarzs & The Real UNUversal Guides to be shown 'What IS Real Now!' The RAT TapLining words of 'HU, OM, AMEN, AUM' and many others are what the EmotionKON masters use to seduce their mumbershrimps to a pathetic arena of worseshiping & praypaying to invented unseen space gods who rule over dumbed down HUmans and intimidatingly Kontrol all the foolishness unaware people Agree to. The unaware mumbershrimps are also usually okay with Destroying The ALLNatural Environment Supporting ALL of US! A major player with the One World Order and the Earthly Kontrollers (EK) is 'The Big KON' with Joan Klemp's EckanKON Lawsuit 2017 Kontrolling Korporation. SHE is among the most cleaver and cunning of The Deceptors on Your Planet Earth. There are just too many to mention, so Sing The NUSound, The NU~U, and Watch Your DreamVisions and YOU will be shown who is really TapLining YOU in Your Astral Body!

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