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“I have had My RealExperiences during this life, as I came here to create 'The NUPresentation for ALL' with Rebazar & Paul. I have kept My RealFocus with THE ALLIS, while I was in Paul's membership, and then with Darwin & HarOld with their Conspiracy Takeovers. I was to also learn 'What is Not Real & What Not to Do' as Darwin & HarOld, and especially Reptilian Joan Klemp (the real owner of the Eckankar Takeover Korporation) and HER Influence, have taken over what Paul created as Eckankar. SHE has helped to create The Biggest WakeUp Ever for Everyone, and just like HER WorseShiping, PrayPaying, Dumbed Down MemberShrimps, SHE does Not Seee what SHE has done or is doing. The unaware membershrimps are so unaware that they Do Not Seee their personal lives, as they contribute daily to the Demise of The ALLNatural Environment Supporting THEM. They Do Not Seee what Reptilian Joan Klemp and HER Kalaum Reptilian TapLining God are doing to THEM in their Dreams, as they are all Astrally TapLined and held to the Lower Astral Realm with Harry Klump as their King! And they Really Do Not Seee what WWE are doing with Rebazar Tarzs & The Real UNUversal Guides with The NUNowniss of The TruReality, THE ALLIS. So, what is it they can See... NOTHING! They are self-absorbed with their fake computer initiations with Queen Joan, and the little 'power' plays they chase in their minds as they want more fake initiations and TapLinings. Everyone has Free Will and can 'think' and do whatever they want on Your Planet Earth! WakeUp with US... YOUR CHOICE!

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