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“It would 'seem' that those who are most popular with the unaware masses 'seem' to really know something, when if fact THEY DO NOT! The religious self-appointed high order and their monarchy of treachery and deceit, the political pompous tyrants deceiving the HUman Farming Masses and stealing everything they have, the 'pretty words' and Emotion Love TapLining of the old fake masters and gurus and their one-dimensional 'spiritual front' businesses (Joan Klemp's Eck'KON'kar 2017 Lawsuit Kontrolling Korporation) and the RoButtized Educational System that turns out unaware graduates to go into boring drudgerous 9 to 5 jobs, and the Movie Stars and how they are 'paid' to fool their 'Dah Foollowers' into a Total Submission of Free Will into 'tinsel town illusion' that adds to the Demise of The ALLNatural Environment Supporting ALL of US! AND THERE IS SO MUCH MORE... WAKEUP! The idea on Planet Earth at this time is, that if you are 'popular' and know how to get a lot of artificially created FED Money from others, then you are truly successful and one of the very few smart people here... WOW! Nothing could be further from The TruReality LifeIS! After millions of lifetimes and going thru untold Yuga Cycles, most people are still struggling with their unawareness and personal nonsense and looking to the Kontrolling Authoritarians for their answers to Life. There is No Life Here! YOU are Fooling YourSelf, until YOU StandReal with Rebazar Tarzs & The Real UNUversal Guides and Learn to Recognize THE ALLIS. Most of the dumbed down and KON-Trolled unaware masses are worshiping and praypaying to the invented gods that keep them unconscious in Cause & Effect Creation! David Icke and others like him are providing a One-Dimensional View, which is Physical/Astral and that is it! To a certain point what they are doing is working like a car with a tank of gas, until the gas is gone and then YOU are lost and walking to nowhere. David Icke and his know-it-all buddies are actually doing a 'disservice' to everyone, because they Do Not have The RealCure for ALL, as The RealGuides & THE NUMAN NOW. David and the 'Others' Do Not have The RealAwareniss to Seee The TruReality LifeIS, so they milk the unaware for whatever they can get and 'look good' doing it! They 'think' they are so smart, when in reality they are unconsciously Agreeing to what the Reptilian Alien TapLiners (RATS) want him to do! They are Unaware & Agreeing to the Demise of Everything Here! The RATS are fine with what people know about THEM (TapLining HUman Eating Martians) because it continues to create Fear in the personal mind and Astral TapLining bodies of people! WAKEUP OR STAY LOST!

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