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“As we each come into this life and from many other lifetimes as well, we are 'tested' so to speak with what we decide and where Our True Loyalty resides. YOU can decide whatever you want on earth, and you will end up where YOU have decided. What YOU have come to know as Creation is a 'Place in Life' and Not The Whole LifeIS. It is Here that YOU will WakeUp to Realize where Your True Loyalty 'IS' and what YU, The RealU, needs to Recognize The TruReality Life, THE ALLIS. It takes a seemingly untold amount of lifetimes of unawareness to go thru to experience 'what is Not Real' then to eventually come to the point of having The RealKnowledge of THE ALLIS, and RealGuidance and a RealEducation to WakeUp ALL The Way into The Real UNUverses of RealFreedom. Those who 'think' they can get away with anything they want, such as Kontrolling others and manipulating situations and destroying The ALLNatural Environment for their own personal life and gain, will eventually face themselves in this life and in future ones of even Worse Conditions! YOUR CHOICE ALWAYS! Those who 'trust' their loyalty to the Earthly Kontrolling (EK) inventions of politics, religion, spiritual paths and their fake masters & gurus, and the militerroized educational and scientific systems, will end up as unaware as they are now and into future lifetimes of the same! WWE as WorldWide Educators show YOU how Become MoreAware & SelfSufficient. When YOU begin to WakeUp ALL The Way and 'YU' can Seee 'What IS Real Now' and Prove YourSelf by Earning Your Way and Stepping Up and Realistically Support those who Support YOU, as YU Learn to StandReal with Rebazar Tarzs & The Real UNUversal Guides & THE ALLIS, with Your True & Real Loyalty & Intent, then YU, Your RealAwareniss, will finally BE Free of Cause & Effect Creation, and YU will Recognize YourRealSelf as a FreeBeing of RealLight Brighter than any Sun! The Real Endless UNUverses of PurSincerity await YU Now... YOU Must Be The Real RiskTaker to Free YourSelf... Take The Risk to SEEE!

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