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“WWE are In 'Compliance' with Everything that is taking place on Planet Earth. WWE know who Kontrols this world, and WWE are in Compliance with those who are creating all the Deception & Distortions. WWE are a Huge Asset to Everyone who is able to WakeUp ALL The Way Now, and also those who are afraid the most... The One World Order, who market people into staying unaware on an unconscious level. WWE are UNUversal Seeers and beyond Cause & Effect Creation. WWE can Seee ALL of Creation and ALL the various levels that even the Elites cannot Seee. WWE already know 'They' are very afraid, and they do not have to be afraid anymore, and this is why 'They' create all the Deception, because many people are Becoming Aware like never before. 'They' are only making their situation in Creation worse by what they are doing. 'They' know they have Trapped Themselves, because 'They' invented the 'god' ideas and the 'believe' ideas, and even though 'They' have marketed the unaware masses to Agree and be subservient to THEM (TapLining HUman Eating Martians) 'They' already know 'They' have no where else to go, but Down! And where 'IS' The RealAwareniss coming from that 'IS' moreso than They can ever consider? Not from the masters, teachers, philosophers or psychics, or the 'big brain' intellects, but from US (UNUversal SuperBeings). Psychics abilities are from the Astral Realm only, as is the ShapeShifters. WWE have 'The RealCure for Everyone' so that No One needs to fear anything ever again! BUT... YOU Must StepUp and Be Willing to Be Real & Wonderful, or stay lost with your own self-convictions and Kontrol, and YOU will be lost in Cause & Effect Creation Forever! WWE are Here For Everyone, so Take The Risk & StepUp & BE Real!

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