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“The Real Essentials for Everyone on Your Planet Earth 'IS' RealFood, RealWater, RealAir and the Preservation of The ALLNatural Environment Supporting ALL of US. It would 'seem' that because I am over-exposing what is happening every moment to The Natural Environment with the purposely poisoned plans of the World Order Kontrolling Systems, that I am criticizing, attacking or disagreeing with THEM. This is NOT So! WWE as WorldWide Educators have NEVER protested, demonstrated or petitioned the World Kontrollers for anything. WWE are fine with everything they decide, as they will meet what they have created during this lifetime and in their future lifetimes. They have their Free Will, just like Everyone Does and they can do whatever they want. WWE are Here for Everyone to WakeUp ALL The Way! My RealFocus 'IS' with The Real Essentials, as Everyone needs RealFood, RealWater & RealAir to survive here. There will always be those on Your Planet Earth who are Not aware enough to See past their own little personal worlds of obvious misunderstanding and unawareness, and so they are fine with creating Distortions & Deceptions to have their way. Cause & Effect Creation is for the sole purpose as a 'created position' for YOU to become 'objective' about what you create to eventually Recognize The TruReality LifeIS. WWE provide RealGuidance and a RealEducation like no one else! WWE are NOT political, religious, spiritual, and WWE Do Not look to gods or saviors or old doctrines. WWE are Real & Wonderful! WWE are UNUversal Seers and WWE Seee what others cannot. The Whole of LifeIS More than just Creation, but YOU Must StepUp and Take The Risk to Recognize IT & Seee IT! WWE show YOU how to Become MoreAware & SelfSufficient & Free YourSelf from ALL Your Restrictions.

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