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“WWE as WorldWide Educators Support The ALLNatural Environment Supporting US. There 'IS' so much more to THE ALLISNIS Environment than just what is known as 'Nature' on Your Planet Earth. There are so many more LifeLevels that are not seen for YOU to Explore & Discover. It is easier for the unaware on this world to 'think' in one-dimensional terms and ideas, or black and white. Human History has more than proven itself for what it is, and it would 'seem' that what has been decided upon is within some form of reasoning. Well, guess what... 'reason and logic' are merely inventions from the person who created these 'ideas' and those who have so far agreed to them. YOU can Agree to whatever you want, and you can get others to Agree, and you can also get Everyone to Agree, but what YOU and others have decided to Agree to has Nothing to do with The Whole of Life, as IT Must be Recognize for What IT IS! There 'IS' The TruNatural Environment that is not Seen with your eyes, or that which can be decided with your mind. YOU can imagine anything, but you cannot imagine The TruReality LifeIS, THE ALLIS. YOU can 'believe' in the existing Heavens of Man and their gods, and they already exist for you as 'Places in Life' like the Planet Earth. But to Seee Beyond all of Cause & Effect Creation into Real UNUverses of Purity & Brilliant FreeBeingniss 'IS' Exceptional! WWE KNOW WHAT WWE ARE DOING!

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