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“Each person decides the way they want to experience their life and what they want to do. This has always been the basic 'idea' of the search for the meaning or beginning of our life and what we have come to know as Life Itself, as we know here. YOU Decided Your Life before you came here, or you didn't. YOU Decided to come, but YOU do not remember! Just like kids on the playground, we each Decide how we want to play. Until we know otherwise, we jump in and do something, as some just sit and watch others. We each have our Free Will to do whatever we want here, and at the same time we also do not have to do anything. ALL LifeIS Awareniss, a RealAwareniss that 'IS' far too Real for the created 'personal self' to understand or ever Seee. We use a boat on the water and a vehicle to drive somewhere, and a plane to fly with, and this is why we each 'create' a Physical Body Vehicle to have Our WakeUp Experiences here with. Anything created here needs Agreement. DuaneIS Presenting The NUNowniss of THE ALLIS, and by the very fact of what 'IS' taking place Now, those who are The Real RiskTakers and StepUp to Become MoreAware, they will Seee what others will Not! So, those of YOU that do have The RealCourage to Be More than just a struggling Human on the earth and dealing with all the Effects of Creation, YOU, YU, The RealU, has a Wonderful Opportunity to Sing The NU~U, and get your own RealSide Experiences and BE a Real Witness with Rebazar Tarzs & The Real UNUversal Guides. Being a Real Witness is a Real Privilege that most people will not see, and this is why very few people ever discover The Real Meaning LifeIS. It is Always Your Choice!

Agreement and being a witness comes in many forms, as there were certain people who had the idea to create a government, and from what they decided to do, they in turn marketed and maneuvered others to Agree to be witnesses to Support THEM. This is the world today. Paul Twitchell started his presentation of Eckankar, which has become Joan Klemp's Takeover Korporation of EEKonKON, 'The Big KON!' SHE (Joanee) has Nothing without the marketed Agreement of the dumbed down membership. This is how everything works here, and that is it takes Agreement for anything to become possible. And so with what I am presenting as Duane The Great Writer & THE NUMAN, also takes Agreement to Something Wonderful & Beneficial for ALL. Joan Klemp's puppet master, Harry Klump, is nothing more than a self-absorbed little 'king in his mind' as SHE Astrally TapLines all those who Agree with Harry. SHE is only interested in Money & Power with HER Reptilian Regime with the Kalaum God, Grog. She has HER one-die'mentalanized RoButts in an unconscious Agreement to basically do whatever SHE wants. This is why SHE has HER 2017 Lawsuit, because many people are Waking Up to what SHE has been doing all along. There really is a difference between Honorable Agreement and Deceptive Agreement. ASK Rebazar Tarzs & The RealGuides.

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