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YOUR CHOICE FOUNDATION by Duane Lee Heppner~Founder...

YOUR CHOICE FOUNDATION by Duane Lee Heppner~Founder... “You always have Your Choice to Decide & Explore more than what you have come to know from the invented systems that have indoctrinated you. With anything, everything is Possible once you have The RealAwarenisss to Seee this. The Common Language and interpretations that have become so, are for those things that relate to this One-Dimensional 'thinking' World that most people Agree to. This world and what is taking place Here will be as it is, as long as everyone Decides to 'think' in the same ways they always have. There will always be Change Here, because this is one of the many levels and dimensions of CauseEffect Creation. Without The RealKnowledge of The TruReality LifeIS, aside from what the Common Language relates to, then you will continually be at the mercy of Not Knowing What Else 'IS' Possible for YOU that YOU are Not Aware of! Of course this Makes Sense, but only for YOU when You Decide to Explore & Discover 'What IS Real Now' with The Whole of Life, and moreso than just the ideas and beliefs of the invented systems on This Planet Earth! YOU DECIDE YOUR REALADVENTURE! ASK KELSEY BROWN on FACEBOOK.

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