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“If you belong to a political, religious, spiritual or scientific system, then you are part of the Created Fear Systems on Your Planet Earth. Whatever YOU do is fine, and you can stay with whatever you want for as long as you want, but what the Created Fear Systems are presenting is Not what they say they are and what YOU 'think' they are. YOU are 'hoping' they are being honorable with you, and you are 'wanting' THEM to be honest with you, but are they? YOU can always have whatever you want here, and just like good tasting cake and ice cream that the big businesses sell you, and tell you it is natural and even healthy to eat with what they 'manufacture' in their warehouses, when the 'mystery' of diseases and cancers start to show up from your diet... where did it really come from? Does the Marketing Ploy and your 'ideas' of what you ate make a difference, or is it that what has been sold to you is Not what it really is? WWE as WorldWide Educators provide RealGuidance and a RealEducation and WWE can show YOU... how to Get Your Own Answers with Life ITSelf. YOU can Learn to Seee what is really happening here and what YOU are unaware of, to where you no longer have to be the Unconscious Effect of everything around you, and especially YourSelf and all your Agreeable Restricting Convictions. Only YOU can Decide to Free YourSelf from Cause & Effect Creation, or keep Agreeing to what Traps, TapLines and Binds you to this 'Place in Life' that you have been stuck to for lifetimes and many more lifetimes to come. The ALLNatural Natural Environment Supporting ALL of US, is being Destroyed on Your Planet Earth on a daily basis! WakeUp with US and Do Something Wonderful for YourSelf and Everyone by Becoming MoreAware with The Whole of Life. YOU can Make The Difference when YOU have The RealCourage to do so! WWE are Wonderful and WWE are Fun!

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