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“The experiences and 'ideas' of Dreams has almost always been a mystery to the unaware one-dimensional people on Your Planet Earth. There will always be so many different interpretations of Dreams, because like anything, there is always more to the Dream Experience than just one idea or symbol of it. Your Dreams are the first steps beyond this solid world of Self-Convictions & Agreements. YOU are handling Five Bodies all the time, which you are not aware of, and four of them are unseen. When you your physical body sleeps, YU, The RealU, operates another body, and this is usually the Astral Body, which is your emotional/sensation/feeling vehicle, that you mostly relate to on this world. Most of Your experience here is Physical/Astral/Mental. As your physical body sleeps and you enter the Astral Realm in some way, or you enter into your created thought forms, you begin to have certain experiences that sometimes 'seem' to resemble what you are experiencing with your so-called 'normal' life on earth. YOU are in Cause & Effect Creation and you Do Not fully understand what is taking place with how Creation really works. You can keep 'thinking' you do, but you do not! For the longest time, which is actually thousands and millions of lifetimes, you have been wondering around Creation and experiencing whatever, and at the same time, you are attaching yourself to so many 'this & that's' that YOU unconsciously carry into your future unaware lifetimes. Cause & Effect Karmic Creation is like the little chicken still being in the egg shell. YOU have been roaming around Your Egg Shell for who knows how long and you still cannot figure out how to get out of The Designed Matrix of Creation. YOU have collected so many 'ideas' from the World Kontrollers and their created invented gods, and they have convinced YOU, that they are the ultimate know-it-alls, and that YOU must Agree to all the Restrictions, Harassment, Intimidation and Destruction they create for YOU as their slave, lifetime after lifetime! YOU can Make Better Choices, and WWE will show YOU how to Free YourSelf from the Reptilian Alien TapLiners (RATS).

When YOU chant the old words of HU, AUM, OM, Amen and others, you are attracting the World Kontrolling RATS to YOU, and they have been Astrally TapLining you in your other bodies. YOU will have to deal with unseen illnesses and cancers as YOU get older and feeble, until your life ends here. When YOU Sing The NUSound, The NU~U, you start to have The RealConnection to The SoundLight Reality in The Real UNUverses beyond Time and Space Creation. Rebazar Tarzs & The Real UNUversal Guides with THE NUMAN DUANEVA, will start to show YU, The RealU, Your RealAwareniss, what lies beyond Your Personal Dreams and into Your NUVisions as a FreeBeing of RealLight. Your NUJourney will be The Greatest Challenge of ALL your lifetimes in Creation. WWE show YOU how to Become MoreAware & SelfSufficient. YOU Must BE The Real RiskTaker to succeed into The Real UNUverses of RealFreedom. Your NUVisions with The RealGuides become a Real Recognition for YU, to Seee Beyond the Your Self-Convinced Restrictions and Free YourSelf Now!

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