is simply Sharing his RealExperiences with Rebazar Tarzs and The RealGuides. What Duane is presenting is not political, religious, spiritual, transcendental or whatever has been invented in the Creative Realms in time and space. Duane nor Duane The Great Writer, does not advocate being a 'master or guru' and does not claim anyone Else's 'title' to anything, nor is Duane providing a 'teaching' the likes of which others are doing. Also, Duane is not 'anti anything' nor does he advocate any type of 'movement, protesting or rebellion' of any kind. Duane is fine with ALL. Those who have taken part in Duane's RealAdventures and The NUBooks, are THE REAL RISKTAKERS and Doing Something Wonderful for ALL! Each person will decide if The NUBooks are fiction, fantasy or Real. This also is so for the so-called 'characters' in The NUBooks, as WWE are having the most fun!

  • 5 Interviews with Duane The Great Writer

    with Host of 'A Fireside Chat,' Zany Mystic Lance White

    Duane Heppner shared his vision of the All Solar Research Vessel, which is going to be built and stationed at the Huntington Beach Pier. He spoke about the distinction between Creation and the realms beyond Creation, the ALLIS, and spoke about "human farming" that's being done in this Matrix realm. To find out more about this exciting project, to read Duane's many books, or join one of the Facebook groups, go to Facebook and type in Duane Heppner.

    Duane Heppner returns to delve more deeply into the structures of the Matrix and the layers of reality running Creation. There is increased awareness of the 3 "Gods of man", and the control systems which keep humans incarnating in a human farming operation. For those who enjoy David Icke and his exposure of the reptilian blood lines, this will be a "juicy show". The value resides in pointing the way out of Creation, as beings of pure Light, exiting the manufactured duality and endless incarnations inside the Matrix.

    Duane Heppner returns, with Val and Chris to share updates on the All Solar Research Vessel, and to bring us up to date on the Real News.

    Duane Heppner is joined by Miss Kelsey Brown and Miss Tanya Quartermain, who share their experiences since using the NU Presentation. Duane speaks candidly about how to transcend the programmed Matrix of deception, using Real Guides, to begin having direct experiences outside of the Matrix.

    Duane the Great Writer, returns with updates on how to exit the Matrix, the 5 bodies within, Recognize Your RealAwareniss, and The ALLSolar Research Vessel Projects as a RealFocus for this World. Modeled beyond the cabal run "United Nations", Duane The Great Writer has created Nations United NUUU

  • Duane Lee Heppner / DUANE THE GREAT WRITER

    is the Founder ofThe ALLSolar Research Vessel Project and The NUPresentation Foundation,

    which is a WorldWide WakeUp for Everyone.

    This is for 'YOUR OCEANS' and ALL that entails -

    The Natural Environment that Supports ALL of US.

    We provide RealGuidance and RealEducation

    like no one else!


    Facebook: ASK DUANE&EVA


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